Sundar Pichai (Google and Alphabet CEO) recently spoke out about his experiences with cryptocurrency during an interview at an economic forum held in Singapore. Pichai was asked about his company and what cryptocurrency he has.

Pichai, who admitted that he didn’t have any cryptocurrency, said, “I wish I did.” It’s something I’ve tried out, but not in any serious way.

This revelation might seem surprising, as Pichai revealed in 2018 that his 11-year-old son was mining cryptocurrency Ethereum on the family’s home PC.

During a New York business conference, he stated, “Last week, I was at dinner and we were talking about Bitcoin. My son clarified that I was talking Ethereum, which is slightly more different.” Pichai said, “He’s eleven years old.” He told me that he was mining it.

During his speech at the Sydney Dialogue, Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, called on all democratic countries to ensure cryptocurrency does not get into the wrong hands and ruin the youth. In his speech, the PM stated that there are new risks and new forms conflict with diverse threats.

These range from cyberspace to seabeds to cyberspace. Technology is already a key instrument in shaping the future international order and a major tool for global competition.

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