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Support TypesEmail, Chat
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
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Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsMaster Card, American Express JCB, UnionPay Neteller, Skril, Perfect Money, WebMoney
Number of Assets50+
Overall Score9.3/10

Full Review

With so many scam trading systems making their way into the market these days, it is quite surprising to discover a tool that is both legitimate and capable of delivering on its promise. We are glad to confirm that Bitcoin Trader is a reliable investment solution


We have done our share of research on this program and we have found it to be innovative, working and efficient.  Therefore, we suggest that you read this full review to get a better understanding about this brand new creation.

How to Use Bitcoin Trader?

Developed by a team of professional investors and software programmers, Bitcoin Trader has the tools to assist complete beginners and it is also advanced enough to meet the needs of expert traders. The software has been designed to be easy to use.  With its algorithms and technology it is capable of analysing the markets precisely and determining when to enter and exit trade positions.

Bitcoin Trader is already proven to be a successful trading system.  It allows traders from all over the world to become a part of the program and change their lives.  The software is equipped with a range of special features which work together to produce the most reliable trading signals. It is designed in such a manner that not only experienced traders, but complete novices will also feel comfortable when using it.  The high quality signals that are generated by the software can be used to place winning trades.

VISIT Bitcoin Trader

No Download Required

Download is not required because Bitcoin Trader is web-based. It can be used from any computer that is connected to the internet. The application is also supported on mobile devices.

Yes, it is Free

Access to this lucrative piece of investment software can be obtained free of charge. There is no need for you to pay anything to use the tool. Upon signing up for it, it will be yours for free for a lifetime. But spots are limited and urgent action is required if you want to gain unlimited access without paying anything at all.

How to Become a Member?

To use the system, you must first sign up and create your trading account. You will find a simple form on their website which requires you to enter your email address and name only. After this initial step is complete, you will be directed to their broker’s website where you will have to complete registration and make a deposit.

Funding your account with at least $250 ensures that you have sufficient capital in your account for investment purpose. Lastly, you can activate the software, adjust the settings and start trading live.

Is Bitcoin Trader Legit or Scam?

Bitcoin Trader is absolutely legit and we have many reasons to back this claim. First of all, Bitcoin Trader is a free software. This naturally eliminates all the financial risks that come with scam trading systems.   You can sign up for this software without paying anything for it and use it for as long as you want without any obligations.

Secondly, Bitcoin Trader has received countless reviews from real traders who have actually profited with it.  their statements indicate that this software is trustworthy and safe to use.

Thirdly, it doesn’t have shady broker connections. It will never link your account with bogus offshore brokers.  When you complete the initial sign up step, you will be directed to a regulated broker who will offer you a safe trading platform.  They will have advanced tools and features on their platform that will help make your trading experience risk-free and secure.  In addition, you can expect fast processing of withdrawals.

Why Trust the Bitcoin Trader?

With so much competition in the digital currency trading world, it is imperative for customers to read reviews of the products they are interested in using in order to decide which is right for them and which is not. Since the launch of the Bitcoin Trader platform, a lot has been said regarding its legitimacy. While some believe that this app is truly genuine, others are sceptical and rather scared of giving it a try. But let us confirm that throughout our Bitcoin Trader app review, we haven’t found even a single element of suspicion.

Our review is unbiased and honest and highlights all the vital characteristics of the robot which make it stand out. It is not just our review which confirms that Bitcoin Trader is a legit app, but there are many more reviews on the internet which claim the same thing. We believe that all these reviews and comments carry weight and allow traders to judge the platform and its capabilities before using them.

The features of Bitcoin Trader speak for themselves. Our analysis indicates that it comprises of special features which can only be found in the most advanced trading systems. You will find its features helpful when it comes to improving your success rate.

Customer Support

Their customer support team is available on phone, email and chat to answer your questions. Out of the three modes of communication available, live chat is the quickest as it puts you into contact with one of their representatives instantly. We found the representatives to be polite, professional and fast in providing the needed assistance.


At the end of our investigation, we can safely confirm that Bitcoin Trader is a reliable investment solution.  According to real users of this app they have managed to generate consistent returns from their investments.  They say that the software has helped them achieve their trading-related goals.

Our findings were also satisfactory. We are pleased to announce that Bitcoin Trader is faithful to its members and works to assist them in the best way possible. With a user-friendly interface, professional support service, range of special features and advanced algorithms, this trading system has excelled at building solid customer relations and helping its members attain success in the field of online trading.