El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele stated on Wednesday he has taught state-owned geothermal electric company LaGeo to come up with a strategy to provide bitcoin mining facilities utilizing renewable energy in the nation’s volcanoes.

El Salvador became the first nation on earth to embrace bitcoin as legal tender following its Congress accepted Bukele’s suggestion to adopt the cryptocurrency.

“This will evolve quickly!” Bukele stated on Twitter.

Even the Central American chief statement has placed a spotlight over the ecological effect of both cryptocurrencies, which can be virtual coins traded without middlemen, including central banks, to directly buy products and services.

The practice of extracting the money from cyberspace, but requires vast quantities of energy.

The worldwide bitcoin industry general C02 emissions have climbed to 60 billion tons, equivalent to the exhaust by approximately 9 million automobiles, according to a March report by Bank of America analysts.

In the future Wednesday, Bukele shared with a movie on his Twitter report revealing a effective plume of exactly what he stated had been pure water vapor proposed into the atmosphere via a pipeline.

“Our engineers simply advised me they dug a new well, which will provide roughly 95MW of 100 percent tidy, 0 emissions renewable energy out of our volcanoes,” Bukele explained.

“Beginning to design a complete #Bitcoin mining hub about it,” he added.

Bukele also shifted his Twitter profile photograph to a edited picture of himself together with blue eyes that were blue, a favorite online fad among fans of cryptocurrency.

His preceding photograph, upgraded when he declared his intent to send a invoice to produce bitcoin lawful, showcased him with red eyes.