To HODL bitcoin means to love bitcoin. Love, as the primary experience for which we were created, should be spread like pollen to the wind.
You must educate your friends and family about bitcoin if you are truly to love them. They must be reminded every time they experience a negative outcome due to the fiat currency. In a society that has a falling monetary system, knowledge is power. This is the key to maintaining stability in your family.

One of the greatest benefits of bitcoin is its ability show its merits by rewarding, encouraging people who have bitcoin to be even more aware of its virtues. Many bitcoiners have found that communication, podcasts, articles and other means of sharing their knowledge are key to their journey. However, this information shouldn’t be kept to themselves.

Once you have a basic understanding of bitcoin, it is essential that the responsibility to promote, share and defend it be instilled within every Bitcoiner. We can still be beacons of truth and direction in the midst of chaos and confusion. Retail investors can demonstrate the positive feedback loop that bitcoin growth and investment provides by being purposeful. There is a lot of information available for those who are interested in humanitarian benefits. For technology enthusiasts, the possibilities are endless with bitcoin.

It is up to those who are already orange-pilled, however, to spread the message about bitcoin to others. It takes a concerted effort in order to reach out, educate, and empower those who haven’t been reached. This effort will allow us to bring bitcoin to the masses and increase its adoption. It will also drive the bitcoin price higher. As the self-rewarding loop of ‘number go higher’ technology continues to propel us towards hyperbitcoinization, this will in turn bring more interest.

Retail investors can drive us to $1 million in bitcoin prices by showing bitcoin to others. Or bitcoin will just show itself.